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Software Security Notice

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2014 12:41AM EDT
You get a ticket that resembles the following:

Software Security Notice - Script installs need upgrading
To: <>
From: <>
Hello root,

In order to protect the security of your users' websites, we recommend that you
upgrade the following scripts installed via the "Scripts Library" in the cPanel interface:

- WordPress.0 v3.9.2
Location: at
Latest: v4.0
Upgrade here:

"To ensure the application remains managed by cPanel, you can only upgrade using the links provided in the email, or via the "Site Software" option within cPanel. Anytime you manually upgrade or move an application through the application's administrative panel, or by uploading the files via FTP, it prevents cPanel from managing that application at any point in the future. Thus, you must remove the cPAddon data (it's stored in a YAML file) for the application you manually upgraded from the following directory:


If they are managing via cPanel, you can log into WHM and go to "Manage cPAddons Site Software" > Select "Show All Outdated Installations" and click "Manage"

Click "upgrade" for any outdated installations.

You will get a page like the following:

Upgrading numberssmartcom cPanel::Blogs::WordPress.0.yaml installation here...

Site Software cPanel::Blogs::WordPress

This is a cPanel packaged module. (v1.04)


Requires MySQL 5 or newer.

Copying patch ...

Preparing patch ...

Testing patch ...

[Show patch test output]

This Addon has been modified (or the upgrade test failed) and is no longer updatable via this function.

For technical reasons, the ability to attempt a forced upgrade is only available via cPanel when logged in as the user with the user's password.

In the event it fails due to, "has been modified ... and is no longer updatable", you will need to send a notice to the reseller or client and advise them that they need to update their software manually.

You may then close the ticket.


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