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Firewalling and Setup with BaaS/Bacula4

Last Updated: Jul 08, 2015 01:30PM EDT
Bacula uses three primary tcp ports to function 9101 (dir), 9102 (FD), and 9103(SD).

For a server added to Cartika's BaaS deployment, tcp 9102 & 9103 on the servers you are backing up (FDs) must be open to our directors that will connect from source ip: or

To recap:

Servers that are being backed up (FD for short, otherwise known as File Daemons & Servers added to Cartika's BaaS Module)
Ports to be opened ingress/egress: tcp9102, egress: tcp9103, tcp80/443(for API, ssl/443 by default), SSH for auto-install on *nix
Allowed source ips:,, and your storage daemon IPs to access tcp9102 (not typically applicable in BaaS as you will be using our storage devices)

Choose your appropriate storage zone

Dallas LAN and Toronto LAN can ONLY be used by Cartika customers hosting within the respective facilities (ie you can ONLY backup to the Toronto LAN if you have a server or VM with Cartika in Toronto)

Dallas WAN or Toronto WAN can be used by all clients anywhere.  If you are hosting with Cartika in Dallas and want to back up offsite, you can choose the Toronto WAN storage zone for example

PLEASE NOTE - if you would like to backup over the LAN network in each respective facility - please ensure you have added an eth port (typically eth1) and a LAN IP to this port.  Physical servers will have this done automatically, VM customers will need to add this 2nd port and LAN IP to their VM they are trying to backup


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