Add SSL in CPanel

Add SSL in CPanel

Installing your cPanel SSL Certificate

The following instructions are for cPanel 11.

  1. Login to your cPanel control panel.

  2. Find and click on SSL/TLS Manager.

  3. Click on Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates.

  4. Under the Upload a New Certificate section, click on the Browse button and find your Primary Certificate (yourdomain.crt). Or if you have copied the contents of your primary certificate from the email, paste it in the box labeled: "Paste the crt below". To access the text version of your certificate, open it with a text editor. When copying and pasting your certificate, include the BEGIN and END tags.

  5. Click the Upload button.

  6. Click Go Back and click Return to SSL Manager at the bottom of the page.

  7. Click on Setup a SSL certificate to work with your site. If this option is not available, your web host may have disabled it. You will need to contact them about how to install the Intermediate certificate.

  8. Select the domain you are using from the Domain drop down menu. The system will attempt to "Fetch" the SSL Certificate and private key for you. If this doesn't work, you may need to contact your web host.

  9. In the box labeled Ca Bundle paste the contents of the Intermediate certificate (domain.crt).

  10. Click Install Certificate. Your SSL certificate should now be installed, and the website configured to accept secure connections. 


Give cPanel a few minutes to process everything and check with to make sure everything installed properly.

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