AWstats Not Working on Hsphere - Internal Server Error 500

AWstats Not Working on Hsphere - Internal Server Error 500

AWstats doesn't work or is resulting in an internal server error(500) when launched.

In order for AWStats to work properly, the following items must be set up under web options for the domain in question:

  1. activate cgi extensions (.cgi and .pl)
  2. activate /cgi-bin directory
  3. ensure /cgi-bin directory and files have 755 permissions assigned. chmod -R 755 cgi-bin/ will recursively set the permissions within the directory.
*Resellers Only - Please ensure RLimits are not assigned in the customers plan

If all of the above criteria have been met and AWStats continues to not
function properly, please submit a support ticket for additional assistance (please note: steps 1-4 above resolve 99% of all AWStats issues)
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