Change domain's MX record to point to remote mail server

Change domain's MX record to point to remote mail server

1) Turn off mail services for the domain in the control panel at domain settings --> Domain info.

2) Go to DNS configuration under the Domain info page

3) Click "Add new "A" record and put in "mail-ext" in the "name" field and the IP given in the "data" field.

4) Click "Add new MX record" and put in the following for each field:

Name: leave blank -- unless you are doing a subdomain (
and in that case put in the first part of the subdomain -- sub for

TTL: Leave default or change to 3306 for faster refreshes in future

Priority: 10

Data: -- where is the real domain.

If there are multiple MX records, then repeat 3 and 4 and switch out
values for them. So mail-ext2, mail-ext3. It really does not matter
what the "A" record name is, however, mail-ext would mean it is
external to us and you.
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