Changing PHP version on Linux/FreeBSD accounts

Changing PHP version on Linux/FreeBSD accounts

Note: The option to change PHP versions between php4 and php5 is only available on certain servers, as PHP4 is currently End of Life.

To change PHP versions on Linux/FreeBSD, do the following:

1. Select Domain info in the Domain Settings menu.

2. Click the Edit icon in the Web Service field.

3. On the Web Service page, scroll down to find the PHP option and click on the green arrow icon to the right of "PHP Mode".

4. Select the desired PHP version from the drop-down box and click Submit.

5. At the top of the Web Service page, click the Apply link for the Server configuration to change. The changes will take effect within 15 minutes.

Optional steps
6. Starting with H-Sphere version 3.1, you can have more options to choose for PHP 4 and PHP 5. For this, first disable the PHP resource on the Web Service page and then enable the Advanced PHP resource below. You can choose between the following modes:

** libphp - PHP runs as an Apache module. The advantage is that PHP is always in memory use which results in a higher speed capability and lower server load. This is the default mode for PHP5.

** fastcgi - PHP also runs as a CGI script, but under a single process which does not stop when the script is executed. This allows to minimize server load while running PHP in CGI mode.

** cgi - PHP runs as a CGI script in a separate process which starts with each request and completes its work upon the script execution.

7. At the top of the Web Service page, click the Apply link for the Server configuration to change. The changes will take effect within 15 minutes.
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