Connecting To Mail Server Securely

Connecting To Mail Server Securely

Does Cartikas Mail servers support SSL connections? if so how do I properly connect?
All of our shared mail servers do support SSL enabled connections. 
In order to properly connect with avoiding any SSL certificate mismatch errors, you will need to connect with the mail servers hostname in which the SSL certificate is issued to. 
For example, if your mail is hosted on mail8 then you should input the following as your Incoming and Outgoing mail server hostname:
The Incoming/Outgoing mail ports will also need to be adjusted accordingly. 
Secure SSL SMTP (Outgoing Mail Server) = port 465
IMAP Secure Port (IMAP SSL Secure) = port 993
POP3 Secure (POP SSL) = port 995
To utilize POP3 and SMTP SSL secured, then use the following Incoming/Outgoing port configuration:
Incoming Mail Server Port = 995
Outgoing Mail Server Port = 465
Replace Port 995 with IMAP secured 993 if your mail configuration/preference requires an IMAP setup.
If you need further assistance and still have trouble after following this guide, please contact support.
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