Creating SPF Record

Creating SPF Record

To create a SPF record, please do the following:

1) Go to and generate a SPF record string which you'll use later in the actual record.

NOTE: a) You will want to have the main IP of the web server -- if you
are not using a dedicated IP you do not have to worry about this

b) If you use mailfoundry, you will want to have "" in the include field

c) If you use any other mail server other then our own or the one in
the MX record, you will want to include that also

2) Once you have the record, go to Domain Settings --> Domain info
--> domain (if multiple domains in the account) --> DNS

3) On the DNS configuration page, click "Add new custom TXT record"

4) Leave the name field blank

5) Leave the TTL field as is

6) In the data field put in the text that openspf gave you for the SPF record.

7) Submit.

8) If you see multiple TXT records for the same domain/subdomain or you
receive an error saying you can't have duplicate records, then you will
need to delete the current SPF record on the DNS configuration page by
clicking the "X" or trashcan looking icon next to the record.

9) You're done.

NOTE: Under the mail services, you'll see an error about SPF not being correct. This is fine and can be ignored.
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