Domain Aliases in Hsphere

Domain Aliases in Hsphere

In H-Sphere, setting up a domain alias is
similar to adding a new domain, but during the process it will give you
the option to set it up for it's own web hosting and/or mail services
or to make it an alias.


To create an alias, do the following:

1) Domain Settings --> Domain Info

2) Click the Add icon next to "Add new domain"

3) Enter name for your alias under "Host Existing Site", "Register a
New Domain", or "Transfer an Existing Domain" and click Submit

4) Click "Continue"

5) On the Options page choose:

- Web options: "Alias to existing hosting domain"

- Mail options: "Mail domain alias to" (optional - select this if you want email addresses aliased too)

6) Select the domain to alias from the dropdown next to each

7) Click Submit


There is now an "old scheme" and a "new scheme" for domain aliases. The
"old" scheme ensures that existing domain aliases continue to work,
while the "new scheme" allows users to add new aliases.

If you are a reseller, you will need to update each of your hosting
plans to enable your end users to add new domain aliases. There are 4
things that need to be enabled in the plans:

1) Domain alias (old scheme) --> allows already added aliases to work

2) Hosting Domain Alias --> this is the new scheme that allow them to add in 3.2

3) Mail Domain Alias (old scheme) --> similar to #1

4) Mail Service Alias --> similar to #2
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