Enable GZip compression using easyapache whm/cpanel

Enable GZip compression using easyapache whm/cpanel


You can easily speed up your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal install by enabling Gzip via EasyApache.

EasyApache is an easy way to enable Gzip compression and will bring your PHP script loading times down. 

Google Page Speed takes account of Gzip compression, so it is better to enable compression to get a higher grade and possibly better ranking in search engines.

To Enable GZIP Compression:
1. Simply log into WHM and go to: Main > Software > EasyApache

2. You can simply select the “Previously Save Config” which is the latest saved profile.

3. Click Start "Start customizing based on profile"

4. Select the version of Apache and click "Next Step".

5. Select the version of PHP and click "Next Step".

6. The module you are looking for is called Deflate (mod_deflate) and isn't included in the short options list you get to see when you first access the EasyApache! 

7. "Deflate" is found in the exhaustive options list as a built-in module that is waiting to be enabled! Enabling Gzip compression means enabling mod_deflate.

8. Click "Save and Build" (You can also save this configuration Recompile Apache and PHP now? > Ok

9. Please Acknowledge > I understand

Recompiling Apache will last about 30-60 minutes and you still have access to your websites the whole building time.

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