How to Setup an Exchange Reseller Account for ALL Hsphere Resellers

How to Setup an Exchange Reseller Account for ALL Hsphere Resellers


This is a quick tutorial on how to setup an Exchange Reseller account if you have ANY Hsphere based reseller control panel (includes shared UR accounts, or VPS/Clouds/Dedicated servers with an hsphere reseller control panel).

This process is now completely automated, and what it allows you to do is to create a websitepanel exchange 2010 reseller account from within your hsphere reseller control panel. You can then log into your exchange control panel from within hsphere and create exchange hosting plans for your customers.

Once you have an exchange reseller account setup, you can then add exchange as resources to your plans, bill your customers for their usage and allow your customers to seamlessly log in to manage exchange from their hsphere end user control panel. There will be additional tutorials on how to create exchange plans within websitepanel, and how to add exchange resources to existing or new hsphere plans and how end users can add the service.

As a reminder, hsphere resellers receive an exchange reseller account for FREE. You will be billed at a rate of $7/exchange user which includes 5GB of disk for each exchange user (as well as several other value adds such as Microsoft Forefront AV/AS, Outlook Licenses, etc)

For hsphere resellers who ALREADY have an exchange reseller account - you can ignore this tutorial, as this will not apply to you.

For hsphere resellers WHO WANT TO ADD EXCHANGE RESALE ABILITIES TO THEIR ACCOUNT - please do the following:

1) Log into your hsphere reseller control panel
2) goto E.Manager > 3rd Party Tools > DNP > reseller settings > click submit (this will setup your exchange reseller account on our website panel cluster - see attached image - setup-exchange-reseller-1
3) goto E.Manager > 3rd Party Tools > DNP > reseller settings - you will now see a log in icon which will log you into your newly created websitepanel Exchange reseller account - see attached imaged - setup-exchange-reseller-2
4) you can now create plans within your Exchange reseller account for your customers to use

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