How to Setup and Bill for WSP Exchange Accounts in Hsphere

How to Setup and Bill for WSP Exchange Accounts in Hsphere

PHASE2 of our hsphere/websitepanel exchange 2010 integration allows our and reseller end users to setup Exchange accounts from within hsphere and auto create them in your WSP reseller account. PHASE2 also autolinks hsphere accounts with WSP accounts and will also automatically display the required MX records for the customers for domains hosted within hsphere.


1) ensure you have an exchange reseller account setup on WSP - see this tutorial here if you do not -
2) ensure you have an exchange end user plan setup within WSP - if not, see this tutorial here - http://cartikaforum....seller-account/
3) add exchange resources to existing or new hsphere plan (see plan-create-page1 image)
4) add exchange pricing to existing or new hsphere plan (see plan-create-page2 image)
5) activate a websiteplanel end user plan within hsphere for use - goto e.manager > 3rd party tools > DNP > DNP Plans > press the "add" icon next to the plan you want to be available for your end users (link-exchange-plans-to-hsphere.png)
6) your end users (in plans with exchange defined) will now see an "exchange" link in their end user control panel. They will be able to create an exchange account from their control panel, and once done, they will be able to log into their exchange account directly from their hsphere control panel. Hsphere will also create any MX records they need for domains added to exchange and display them on this screen (exchange-end-user.png)


Please consider the following when including Exchange in your plans

1) when customers add exchange to their end user plans (see the demos and guides for this) - they will not be billed for their usage (as dictated by your plan settings) - until the next billing date for the plan. So, on a customers billing date, hsphere will check your customers usage on WSP and bill them according to the settings in your plan

2) considering #1 above - you should be very careful with your plans - users on annual plans for example should be moved to monthly plans if you intend on adding exchange, as their anniversary date could in theory be a year away - which means they arent being billed for quite awhile - and then their charges for usage on the anniversary date, will be annual (so potentially a very large charge). We are looking for possible solutions to this (but, not sure anything can be done, as this is just how hsphere billing works with annual plans). As such, if you have customers which must pay annually for whatever reason, then the best way to handle this is to move them to a monthly plan, apply their annual payment as a credit to the account and then allow the system to bill them monthly, which will just be applied against the credit to the account. If an end user adds exchange, it will be impossible to project an annual fee as there is no way to know how many exchange resources the end user will use over the course of the year (which is why hsphere charges annually for resources and services on annual plans, then applies pro-rated credits and debits as required for addition or removal of services)

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