How to setup and configure Microsoft Exchange Reseller Solution

How to setup and configure Microsoft Exchange Reseller Solution

1) signup for an exchange reseller account with cartika.  please wait while our billing department reviews and activates your order

2) once activated, log into your portal > manage your new exchange reseller service > select exchange login link, and log into your exchange reseller account

3) from within your exchange reseller account, hosting plans > create new hosting plan.  to offer the service we advertise (ie 20GB mailboxes, etc), please configure your plans as per the below

4) from your homescreen, select add customer, and add a user to the newly created plan

5) log into the customers account (or give them access at this point)

6) add domains you wish to host on exchange and created exchange organizations

7) add exchange users and and mailboxes and configure to your preference

8) you are set to go.  change your mx and dns records as required and welcome to Cartika Microsoft Exchange
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