How to Setup URL Redirection (Hsphere)

How to Setup URL Redirection (Hsphere)

You can use this function in Hsphere to
redirect your visitors from one domain's web page to another, or to a
completely different domain name.

To create a redirect do the following:

1. Login to hsphere control panel.

2. Go to "Quick Access" on the left hand side menu bar.

3. Under Domain Settings you will see "Web Options" click this. If you
have multiple domains, select the one which you want to setup
redirection for.

4. On the Web Options page, scroll down until you see "Redirect" click the Add icon "page with green arrow pointing up"

5. Select which resource you will be redirecting in the "Redirect From" input section.

For Example:

Entering into the Redirect from field and in the to field,

will take all the visitors to the page.

If you leave the Redirect from field empty, visitors will be redirected from any location in the site.

Leave Redirect status as is unless you want to change the default:


returns a permanent redirect status (301) indicating that the resource has moved permanently.


returns a temporary redirect status (302). This is the default and
indicates to the visitor that the resource has moved temporarily.

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