Integrate Cartika CDN with Wordpress

Integrate Cartika CDN with Wordpress

How can you integrate CDN with Wordpress?

Installation Of CDN Plugin

  1. Login to the Wordpress Admin Panel.
  2. Navigate to Plugin page then click on Add New.
  3. Insert W3 Total Cache into the search field.
  4. Install W3 Total Cache and activate it.

Migrate Contents to CDN

  1. Open the Settings page of the CDN plugin from the Plugin page.
  2. Under General Settings page, scroll down to CDN Delivery Network, tick to enable and choose CDN Type as Mirror.
  3. Save changes.
  4. Select Content Delivery Network (CDN) Setting from the drop down menu of Viewing.
  5. Insert the CDN URL into Replace site's hostname with. (CDN URL would be your CNAME'd domain ex 
  6. Save changes.
  7. Activate the changes on General Settings Page.


Verify if your Wordpress blog is on CDN by viewing the HTML source code. Image links shall be replaced with CDN URLs.

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