Outgoing: Setup hsphere mail server / qmail for outgoing filter / relay

Outgoing: Setup hsphere mail server / qmail for outgoing filter / relay

To setup spamexperts on a hsphere mail server / vps / or qmail server, please do the following:
  • On spamexperts appliance:
    • Login to spamexperts appliance - mx1.whitelabeled-name.com
    • Go to Outgoing --> manage users
    • Click "Add user"
    • Put in the server's IP in the user field and smtp.whitelabeled-name.com (the actual colo name -- not hsphere) in the domain field
      • NOTE: if server has multiple IPs, put make new users for those also
    • Leave password field blank -- otherwise login auth is required
    • Submit form
    • Edit new user via the manage users page
    • Complete following settings
      • Enable outgoing limits = false / NOT checked
      • Maximum number of recipients per day = 0
      • Automatic lock enabled = false / NOT checked
    • Save settings
  • On the server:
    • Edit file /var/qmail/control/smtproutes
    • In smtproutes file, put in: :smtp.whitelabeled-name.com:587 (the actual colo name, not hsphere one)
    • Save the file
    • Restart qmail
    • Tail /var/log/maillog to make sure spamexperts is accepting mall
  • Update any lists, tickets, etc.
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