Remote Apps via RDS for Cartika Windows and MAC IOs

Setting up Remote Apps on Windows and Mac and IOs Devices

Users have 2 options to fetch RDS Apps.  Log in directly to RDWeb

Users can log in utilizing their RDS users created in SolidCP (email address + password) and will grant users access to all Apps you have provisioned for their respective permissions

The issue with this method is occasionally, when back end upgrades are completed to the RDS and/or AD clusters, users may need to log in to get fresh copies of the Apps they are using.

An alternate connection method is via RDWeb connect

The RemoteApp and Desktop Connections feature offers several benefits:

  • RemoteApp programs launch from the Start menu just like any other application.
  • Published Remote Desktop connections are included alongside RemoteApp programs on the Start menu.
  • Changes to the published connection (such as newly published RemoteApp programs) are automatically reflected on the user’s Start menu, without any effort on the user’s part.
  • RemoteApp programs can be easily launched with Windows Search.
  • Users only have to log on once, to create the connection. From that point on, updates happen with no prompt for user credentials.
  • RemoteApp and Desktop Connections does not require domain membership for client computers.
  • RemoteApp and Desktop Connections benefits from new features in Windows Server 2008 R2, such as Personal Desktop assignment or per-user application filtering.
  • RemoteApp and Desktop Connections is built on standard technologies such as XML and HTTPS, making it possible for developers to build solutions around it. It also offers APIs that allow the client software to support other types of resources, in addition to RemoteApp programs and Remote Desktop connections.

Getting started

Setting up a new connection is simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Open RemoteApp and Desktop Connections in Control Panel, either by opening Control Panel, or by using Windows Search.

2. Click Set up a new connection with RemoteApp and Desktop Connections . This will start the new connection wizard.

3. Enter the URL of the connection. This URL will generally be of the form:


Here, “<servername>” is the host name of the RD Web Access server. The wizard should look like this:

4. Click Next

5. Click Next . The RemoteApp and Desktop Connections client software will now contact the RD Web Access server to set up the connection. You will be prompted to authenticate to the web server.

6. Enter your credentials. Now the RemoteApp and Desktop Connections client software will finish setting up the connection.
Credentials for Cartika are as configured in solidcp (UN is usually the mail address + PW)

In a moment, the process will complete, and you will see a wizard page that summarizes the results.

7. Click Finish .

Now the RemoteApp and Desktop Connections Control Panel will show your newly created connection:

You can return to this summary page anytime you need to manage your connections.

The Start menu will now contain the RemoteApp programs from the new connection:

You can also access these programs by using Windows Search:


Please refer to this link here

PLEASE NOTE - the remote resource feeds for Cartika are as follows

With Cartika, these URL’s will be

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