Urchin Fees Continue To Accrue After Disabling In Plan

Urchin Fees Continue To Accrue After Disabling In Plan

Question: Why do my Urchin fees continue to accrue after I have turned off the option in my plans?

You must first turn off Urchin Stats in the end-user accounts where in use before disabling it in the plans. This can be found under Web Options for the particular domain in question. If you remove Urchin from your plans without turning off Urchin in the end-user account where it's currently in use, Urchin continues to run in the background. You can typically re-enable on the plan, go into the account(s) in question and turn it off. You can then remove it from your plan(s). If you have problems, you may contact support with the domain in question and they can remove it manually.

Note: To check the number of Urchin Licenses you have available or in use, please login to your account at Cartika Hosting and navigate to Billing->Reseller Price

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