Xenserver - Adjust Resources

Xenserver - Adjust Resources

If you have access to your Hostbill account, you can perform this task yourself. Simply follow these instructions:
  1. Log into your account at accounts.cartika.com
  2. Within your Dashboard find the Xen Server offering (tile)
  3. Locate the server in the list presented and click on the hostname
  4. Click on the Resize tile
  5. Here you can adjust all of your resources (currently Disk, CPU, RAM and Bacula backup space). You cannot downgrade your disk space, only increase
  6. Adjust your resources (memory) to the desired amount.
  7. Click Continue
  8. Accept the invoice charges. If you are reducing resources, your account will credited the pro-rated amount for those resources
  9. The rest of the process is automated. A reboot will be issued by the system and the new resources will be adjusted
Per step 9, only perform this maintenance when a system reboot is acceptable. Disk resizes currently require technician intervention. If you need to increase your disk, submit a ticket and coordinate with our support staff.

If you have any questions, let our staff know.
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