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            Advanced CDN Options. HTTPS/SSL,NGINX Settings,Video Streaming and more

            Log into your

            Manage your Cartika CDN service and choose the "hostname" you wish to work with

            Click on the advanced settings icon

            Functions include
            • Granular Country Access allow/deny
            • Hotlink policy with advanced allow/deny capabilities
            • Origin Policy (HTTP, HTTPS,AUTO)
            • Advanced IP access allow/deny capabilities
            • Secondary CDN Hostname Management
            • Enable CDN Password control
            • Psuedo Streaming - Our CDN supports pseudo-streaming MP4 and FLV videos. With this feature, your viewers can seek around a video even if it has not finished downloading. It requires a Flash player and a video prepared for pseudo-streaming
            • Ignore Set Cookie Options - CDNs set cookies for session tracking. Our CDN does not cache any content with Set-Cookie response headers, including static content like JPEG files. If you experience 0% cache hits due to this, enable this setting so that such responses are cached.
            • Block Search Engine Crawlers
            • Advanced NGINX Settings - advanced rate limit settings, proxy read and connect timeout settings, proxy cache keys
            Updated: 19 Jun 2018 03:49 PM
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