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            Aliasing Domains in SpamExperts

            First off, you should only do this in one of two situations;
            1. The alias is happening at the domain level
            2. You are aliasing mailboxes within a single domain

            Scenario 1:
            For scenario 1, we will assume that you have one domain (domainA) that has all of your content; sql, mail and web files. You can alias another domain (domainB), at the domain level, to that domain where all requests for domainB will redirect to domainA's content but unknown to end users.

            Ex. 1 - I load domainA in a browser. I browse their site and leave. I load domainB in a browser. It is listed as domainB but has the same content as domainA.

            Ex. 2 - I send an email to user@domainA. user@domainA checks his email and sees the message. I send the same message to user@domainB. user@domainA checks his email and sees the message and replies and I receive his reply as user@domainB.

            Now that you have an understanding of how the domain alias works, you can set up SE to alias these as well allowing you to use SE for two domains on one account. Again, this only works if you've aliased at the domain level. If you alias at the mail user level, this will not work and you will need to enable SE for both domains.

            Log into your SE dashboard from your control panel:

            Hsphere users will log into the end user account and go to Mail Info > SpamExperts Email Filtering. Once here, either enable the service (you will be charged) and/or click on the login icon to log into your dashboard

            cPanel users will log into their end user account and use the search field to search for Professional Spam Filter. Once here, click the Login link

            Once logged into your dashboard, under the Incoming section, click Domain Aliases. Add the alias (domainB in our examples) to the Alias field and click Add. That is it from the SE dashboard.

            Next, you'll need to go back to the control panel and edit the dns zone for domainB to point it to the correct mx servers.

            Hsphere users will go to Domain Settings > Click on the edit icon for domainB > Click on the edit icon for DNS Configuration. Delete the built in mx records by clicking on the red X. Once removed, click Add DNS MX Record and enter 5 for priority and for data. Repeat the process but the second time, add for the data.

            cPanel users shouldn't have to make any changes. By default, they should be pointing to our SE appliances.

            Scenario 2:
            For scenario 2, we suggest not using SE at all. Since we enable SE on the domain level, there should be no need to set up custom user aliases within SE. This is particularly true when you realize you can only add aliases for domainA users within this feature.

            If you run into any issues or have any questions, please submit a support ticket.
            Updated: 21 Jun 2018 02:26 PM
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