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            Auto-installing Windows Servers PsExec

            The Bacula4 Windows auto-installer works on PsExec functionality.


            Using this functionality, Bacula4 will auto-install and configure your Windows Servers and Virtual Machines with the Bacula4 Software from within the various Bacula4 GUIs.

            • Admin$ and IPC$ shares enabled (should be enabled by default on newer windows installs)
            • Ports 135 and 445 (TCP) need to be open
            1. Bacula4 Hosted Customers - IP =
            2. Bacula4 Self-Hosted Customers - IP = your Bacula4 GUI IP

            For customers preferring to perform manual installs of the Bacula4 software on your Windows Servers and VM's - please see the associated article HERE
            Updated: 25 Jun 2018 04:06 PM
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