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            Bare Metal Restore for Windows

            Bare Metal Restore for Windows

            Step 1 Select rescue point, same way as for REAR:

            Next step download ISO image. Own image for every particular server but same for all rescue dates.

            You'll see problem to setup network. It's all you need to do there. The rest of work on our GUI side.

            Once net is up you need back to gui. In you need run network setup again you can type PENETWORK in cmd console.

            Next step system checks if it cable to connect rescue environment. In case if you uses other IP e.g for migration or just testing case you'll be prompt to update it there. Do not forget update it back.

            Now you need to restore your partitions. In case in you continue you'll destor all day on disk. System calls to backup you've selected to restore form and generated diskpart scrit to restore disk same/similar way. You need review and update it if necessary (something that we need to make more user friendly way later).

            In case no errors you'll disk part message and able to continue:

            The last step: restore data:

            Once data is restore system installs boot loader and ask you to remove boot media and reboot server:

            Updated: 04 Sep 2018 01:03 AM
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