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            Cartika Payment Options

            All funds listed throughout the Cartika sites are based on USD currency/funds.

            Cartika Hosting offers the following payment methods for all hosting services.

            Credit Cards

            • Visa, MasterCard and American Express are charged in US Funds


            You may login into your account via and setup a subscription and/or manual payment or (legacy billing platform) and submit payment every billing cycle.

            EFT Payment Method (Canadian Only)

            Cartika offers a Canadian Dollar EFT option to Canadian residents, businesses, and organizations.  This converts the US Funds listed throughout the site on a $1 to $1 rate regardless of current exchange rates between US and Canadian funds.

            To switch to EFT please fax a voided check to:
            1-866-706-0725 (Fax)
            or send a scanned copy to us by email, 

            Please ensure all of your accounts IDs are included on the fax along with a cover letter indicating you would like to switch to EFT payments on a recurring basis.

            As an alternative to faxing the voided check you may also submit a ticket at with a scanned voided check attached as a JPG, GIF, or a PDF document attached along with your consent to switch your account to EFT payments.

            Lastly, since at this time EFT is only available to Canadian residents, businesses, and organizations; please ensure the check is drawn on a Canadian bank account. We will then setup your account for automatic withdraws. Funds will be withdrawn on the 11th-15th of the month and your account will be pro-rated to the new billing date and the pro-rated difference (positive or negative) will be handled on the first EFT payment.

            Updated: 23 Jun 2018 10:49 PM
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