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            Changing Bareos Default working directory

            If you don't have sufficient space on your / or /opt partition for the default bareos working directory (/opt/bacula/working/), we can remedy the problem with a few configuration changes.

            NOTE: Running jobs will be interrupted, so please make sure you wait for anything you want to finish first!

            First, determine the new path you would like to move the working folder too. Normally this will be the same partition you store your backup volumes on, in this case we'll move the working folder from /opt/bareos to /backup

            service bacula-sd stop
            Edit Config-sd.conf file 

            Initialize your desired path :
            WorkingDirectory = "/backup/working"
            Pid Directory = "/backup/working"
            Save the changes and exit editing the file.

            Cd /var/lib
            Mv bareos bareos.bak
            cp -fr bareos.bak /backup/working
            Chown -R bareos:bareos /backup/working
            ln -s /backup/working /var/lib/bareos

            Service bareos-sd start
            Updated: 26 Sep 2018 10:25 AM
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