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            cPanel AutoSSL

            We have seen reports indicating that AutoSSL can reconfigure the cPanel email manual setup instructions, specifically Auto-enabled Mail SNI. Any client who once had their SSL/TLS SMTP/IMAP server set to the server's service domain, and did not have their own Authority Signed SSL installed, has AutoSSL enabled which should authenticate SSL/TLS for '' by default.

            By contrast, any client who has their own Authority Signed SSL Certificate should be automatically switched in the instructions to '' as the recommended Secure SSL/TLS SMTP/IMAP server (which works fine), but does not work with, for example, Geotrust Rapid SSL certificates, since AutoSSL doesn’t kick in (and it is recommended by cPanel Instructions for SSL/TLS setup anyway).

            One can expect that when using AutoSSL (particularly with Mail SNI), the cPanel Email Setup Instructions for non-SSL accounts may differ.

            Updated: 24 Jun 2018 11:22 AM
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