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            Create An Email Alias In cPanel

            Navigate to cPanel
            In your address bar append to your domain name either “/cpanel” or the port number that cpanel operates on “:2082.” If your website is operating with an SSL use port “:2083.”

              1. Log into cPanel
                Enter your username and password.

              1. Forwarders
                Once you’re logged in, locate the “Email” section of cPanel. Within, there is an icon for “Forwarders.”

              1. Create Email Alias (Forwarder)
                Select “Add Forwarder” from “Email Account Forwarders” section. Enter the email address you want to be the alias, select the domain name you want it associated to, input the destination email address and confirm by selecting “Add Forwarder.” Note: you can create an email alias for an email address that is not setup as an actual email account.

            Updated: 16 Apr 2018 10:10 AM
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