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            General eMail Support Policies

            Please be aware that Cartika does not support Mass eMailing in ANY capacity without all the various legislations being adhered to (including, but, not limited to the CAN-SPAM and Canada’s Anti-Spam Law)

            As a general policy, Cartika does not support any email delivery issues unless the customers are utilizing our outbound STMP appliances which scrub outbound email and restrict any sort of email marketing or transactional emails being sent.  such solutions include

            Following customers ARE FULLY SUPPORTED with email delivery

            - any legacy shared/reseller hosting customer (hsphere, cpanel,plesk)
            - any customer utilizing our SPAMFILTER-aaS solution and is using the outbound filtering option
            - Any managed server or VM customer using SPAMFILTER-aaS for ourbound email
            - Any managed server or VM customer who is using our shared email servers for email
            - All EMAIL-aaS customers (exchange and/or pop/imap users)

            Any customer not utilizing our solution with our Outbound SMTP filtering and associated services and protections in place, Cartika is not able to support reliable delivery of emails

            Several customers utilize their own servers/VM's for emailing purposes.  If these customers received SPAM complaints, we immediately work to resolve the issue with the customer, and if the issues continue, the customers service is terminated, as we cannot support any email activity which generate spam complaints

            For customers who manage legitimate emailing services on their own servers/VMs and DO NOT receive any spam complaints, who work hard at ensuring all legalities are met and all lists are kept clean and spam reports do NOT occur, Cartika is able to provide and support such services.  However, we are not able to support email delivery. Typically customers like this, without email delivery issues, only experience issues with specific large email platforms (hotmail, gmail, etc) and other similar platforms which maintain a user feedback based emailing list. In these scenarios, the customer needs to maintain compliance with safe sender policies and programs of the various providers

            for example


            as general practices and policies for participating in various safe sender programs with major email providers, we have some details below that will be helpful to you

            Best Mailing practices for regularly sending marking / notification emails out to 3rd party public mail services e.g. Gmail,Yahoo,Hotmail
            1. If you are using a Mailing List make sure you split it into as many small parts as you can i.e. containing no more than 100-200 email addresses per part per service.
            2. Avoid consistent delivery if you send more than 300 emails at a time to any specific 3rd party email service specially Gmail/Hotmail they are gonna block your IP or Null it which would result in non-delivery issues so make sure you avoid that all costs. And these limits are imposed for per hour basis so keep that in mind.
            3. Make sure to include an un-subscribe link in every mail you send out if a user wants to un-subscribe they can do that just clicking on the link instead of marking it as Junk or Spam that’s what causes the Null routes to be added so the emails will go out but would never show at the recipient’s side.
            4. If you are using a Marketing Campaigns, Service Notifications instead of using words / matter of the emails and promotional keywords you should be using images / linked images in the content of the emails. As Gmail/Hotmail has very good algorithms for filtering out spamvertized or marketing keywords and Null the emails and forcibly ignore delivery.
            5. Avoid using URL’s to any of your sites unless you are sure that your email content is clean. As RBL’s started monitoring URL links in the emails and started blacklisting on the basis of emails which contained specific URL’s. (and if you follow the step6) the emails should appear as clean.
            6. Gmail and Hotmail is sensitive to content of the emails too so make sure you avoid using marketing keywords in Subjects specially the keywords like these:

            Updated: 20 Jun 2018 03:17 PM
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