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            Generate SHA 2 RSA Key and CSR

            To generate a SHA 2 RSA Key and CSR from the command line, use the following on the web server:


            Change directory to a folder of your choice, on shared machines, use the domain's web root(/hsphere/local/home/user/domain) for easy retrieval:
            • Hsphere
              cd /hsphere/local/home/user/domain/
            • cPanel
              cd /home/user/public_html
            Once in the directory you wish to save the files, issue the following command taking note of the configurable fields(italicized):

            openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -sha256 -out -keyout -subj "/C=xx/ST=xx/L=xx/O=xx/"

            In the above command, you will need to change/add the following:
            • - This needs to be for the domain the client wants protected(pay close attention to the third level domain(www.))
              Also note that there are three(3) areas where you will want to add the domain
            • /C=xx - Where xx is the Country Code (US, CA, FR, etc)
            • /ST=xx - Where xx is the state/province (TX, OR, BC, etc)
            • /L=xx - Where xx is the Location(city) (Dallas, Toronto, Paris, etc)
            • /O=xx - Where xx is the Organization (This isn't necessary but pay attention, some clients will specify). If there is no Organization specified, leave the O= and remove the xx's
            • / - Where is Common Name(actual URL protected, again pay attention to the third level domain(www.))
            This command will generate both the key and CSR. When the command completes, you can simply cat the files; and

            Verify the CSR is SHA2 with any tool you prefer, this is a good one.


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            Updated: 24 Jun 2018 11:50 AM
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