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            How to self service restore or download backups - Hsphere

            1) log into your hsphere control panel

            2) navigate to bacula4hosts restore view and ensure the service is enabled (if disabled, click the red "off" square and then it will be enabled) - see attached

            2) browse to the service you wish to restore (web, database, email)

            3) browse the restore period, select the related date and data you wish to restore

            the select either

            a) restore (which will restore and overwrite existing files on servers with data from the backup system you selected)


            b) download (which will place a compressed file of the data you selected in your accounts root directory - which you can then download to your local environment using your favourite FTP program)

            Sometimes, especially with windows shared/reseller hosting accounts, download files cannot be created.  this is specifically an issue when the entire domain is selected.  often times certain system folders and security standards will not allow the backup application to create the required archive file with certain files and folders contained.  in such scenarios, simply choose to restore the files to an alternate location (for example, create a folder via your favourite FTP client like

            then restore your data to this new folder, and download the data to your local environment using your preferred FTP client

            Updated: 11 Apr 2018 06:09 PM
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