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            Hsphere Account Moves

            Please be advised that Cartika, using backend tools, can migrate any hsphere account from one server to another.

            This includes changing platforms from linux to windows, or moving accounts from older to newer versions of linux to linux or windows to windows

            - there is a $10 fee/account move
            - ALL domains and resources in an account are moved and customers need to ensure that all domains within the account being moved are compliant with new versions and/or new platforms the account is being moved to prior to requesting the account move
            - WE CANNOT MOVE A SINGLE DOMAIN from within 1 account into its own account, etc.  Hsphere account moves are done on an account basis. Moving individual domains or resources from within an hsphere account to a different hsphere account or different control panel is unfortunately completely manual and needs to be completed by the customer

            Hsphere account moves can be requested in the following format
            - move which services (web,db,email) or just 1 service (ie web to newer PHP)
            - request your desired destination
            - if moving geographies, or from shared/reseller to VM, typically you would need to move all services

            **PLEASE NOTE -  account moves will be completed "as time permits" and is secondary to normal day to day support and other activities.
            **PLEASE NOTE - the hsphere move process is automated, and accounts for DNS changes (as long as domains are pointed to ours or our resellers nameservers).  we cannot be sure that sites will work on different servers with different OS versions, different versions of PHP, etc.  Customers need to verify site functionality on new servers post move process and correct any issues which may arise as a result.  the move process however assures zero downtime do to DNS changes by keeping copies of the account on the old server for a full 24 hours
            **PLEASE NOTE - any changes via FTP made on the old server during this 24 hour period, will not copy over to the new server. customers should only perform FTP actions on the new server once the migration process has commenced
            Updated: 20 Jun 2018 03:19 PM
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