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            New Access Management User setup on Windows 2012 / 2012 R2

            In order to manage your GDPR compliant access to Windows server (dedicated tunnel with secure session) You will need to create 

            1) RDS Collection And assigned your servers 

            2) Your desired Group and assigned users 

            3) RDS users assigned to each server's Remote desktop users

            1) Login to your account
            2) Select your access management service (customers with managed infrastructure in both the US and CAD will have two)
            3) Navigate to Login to SolidCP -> Click Login
            4) Click on Users under your Hosted Organization and use the Create New User button in the upper right to create each individual user that requires Administrator level access to your environment.  We strongly recommend that customers provide one user per individual.
            5) Click on RDS Collections under your Hosted Organization and select the default RDS collection we’ve created. 

            If you have servers which you wish to give access to your user , You should try to create new collections for each server , so different layers of access control can apply to them . 
            In the event you have multiple end customers, we strongly recommend that you partition them into separate collections.  We’re happy to help you with detaching them from the default collection and segregating them.  If we were aware of this prior, we’ve likely already taken care of this step and you will see multiple collections. 

            6) Select the collection and navigate to RDS users -> Add.  Click the checkbox next to the users you would like to add and select Add Accounts.  Now Click Save Changes
            7) If you would like to alter additional settings for servers in a collection like session timeout, etc this can be done under the Settings tab
            8) You will now be able to RDS into your managed user using the RDS profile for the host.  This can be retrieved by logging in using one of the users just created to the respective RDS gateway server.  These can be found in your Access Management service or directly via the following URLs:

            Your username will be listed under the login column in Hosted Organization -> Users and will generally be username@organizationsdomain.

            9) Once authenticated into the web portal click on and launch the RDS profile for the server you wish to connect to.

            Your credentials will be the same as you used to authenticate to the RDS web portal.
            Updated: 19 Oct 2018 04:37 PM
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