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            New Access Management User setup on Linux

            1) Login to your account
            2) Select your access management service (customers with managed infrastructure in both the US and CAD will have two)
            3) Navigate to Login to SolidCP -> Click Login
            4) Click on Users under your Hosted Organization and use the Create New User button in the upper right to create each individual user that requires root level access to your environment.  We strongly recommend that customers provide one user per individual.
            5) Once the users are created, navigate back to the Hosted Organization and click on Groups
            6) Click on the default ssh-ldap group and select add
            7) Check the users added in step #4 and click Add Accounts

            You can create as many groups you wish depending on how you wish to manage your user's access level , 
            but please keep in mind Groups need to be added to their respective local wheel and ssh group with appropriate permission level on the server , We usually set this up before providing the service but if new groups are created you can open a ticket with us and we will set this up for you

            8) You will now be able to SSH into your managed user using the username_organizationID@yourserverIP or username_organizationID@yourserverhostname.  Once authenticated, your can sudo to root using the command sudo -i
            Updated: 19 Oct 2018 06:45 PM
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