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            Recommended Backup/DR strategy for IaaS Cloud customers

            Managed Cloud VPS Servers - NOTES
            - Customers with Managed Services on a specific Virtual Machine, automatically receive Bacula4Hosts backup/restore solution with 15 daily restore points included (up to 500GB)
            - It is recommended Managed Customers additionally take snapshots of their VM whenever their are core changes to their Operating System or Application Stacks

            Recommended Backup/DR Strategy for IaaS Cloud VPS customers

            1) Utilize the snapshot feature (called backups under the storage tab in your portal) to take a new image every time there is a core change to the OS or Application Stack (older snapshots can be deleted)

            2) Utilize our Backups as a Service (BaaS) module (can be purchased
            Choose the "Backups/DR Cartika Servers/Virtual Machines" to backup infrastructure hosted with Cartika and take advantage of the special price points for backup/DR for Cartika hosted Infrastructure

            3) Using the BaaS module above, add your VMs to bacula4hosts, set whatever retention period you want for each VM, receive reporting of failed backup jobs, restore any data, view backup job history and logs and much more

            4) in case of any critical failure to any VM, you can quickly restore the VM within a few minutes.  to accomplish this
            a) restore the VM from the snapshot containing the latest application stack
            b) access bacula4hosts and restore all files and databases back to the most recent restore point
            c) thats it, you are done - and have successfully recovered from a worse case disaster scenario within minutes

            Updated: 20 Jun 2018 09:34 AM
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