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            Restore Deleted Hsphere Account

            If a customer or reseller has deleted an Hsphere account, there is a $75 one time fee to work with the customer to restore service and restore the account

            If a customer has deleted a Hsphere account and needs it restored, follow the steps below.

            In Hsphere: (resellers can do this from their reseller admin, Cartika End users will need Cartika staff to perform this action)

            Search>Deleted Accounts>Hit search and sort by data range newest to oldest

            Choose info and verify that you have the correct account

            Choose restore account on the account that needs to be restored

            This process will recreate a blank account with settings like email addresses and passwords, databases and database users, and FTP users.  But it will create this on different servers.  

            At this point you will need to confirm with the customer which servers all of this had previously been on.

            Once you have the correct servers that the account originally existed on - please let Cartika staff know to perform and account services migration of the account back to the original web, database and email server. 

            At this point, data can be restored via the bacula4hosts interface within the end user account

            Updated: 20 Jun 2018 03:18 PM
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