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            RHEL7: Disable Firewalld and replace it with Iptables.

            If you don’t get used to Firewalld, you can still rely on Iptables by following the instructions below provided by the Fedora project.


            Install the Iptables package:

            # yum install -y iptables-services
            Disable the Firewalld service:

            # systemctl mask firewalld
            Activate the iptables and ip6tables services at boot:

            # systemctl enable iptables
            # systemctl enable ip6tables
            Go to the /etc/sysconfig directory and define your rules in the iptables, ip6tables, iptables-config and ip6tables-config files.

            Stop the Firewalld service:

            # systemctl stop firewalld
            Start the iptables and ip6tables service:

            # systemctl start iptables
            # systemctl start ip6tables
            You can now run the system-config-firewall or the iptables commands without any problem.

            *ip6tables for ipv6 we dont use ipv6 by default so please ignore ip6tables in the above procedure.
            Updated: 20 Jun 2018 05:00 PM
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