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            Using ISO's with Cartika IaaS

            In order to use your own ISOs with the Cartika IaaS/Cloud solution, you are first required to upload your ISO the system

            1) Manage your Respective Service and Navigate to the "ISO List" Tab and click "upload ISO"

            2) Upload your ISO and complete the respective fields
            PLEASE NOTE - in our IaaS environment, the Virtualization is KVM (the only exception is users with private clouds who may be using XEN instead of KVM for example)

            3) once the upload is complete, the iso will be available in your iso list

            4) you can then navigate to any VM within your resource pool and select the "Boot from ISO" tab

            5) Select the ISO you would like to boot the VM from in the list and press "Boot"

            Updated: 20 Jun 2018 09:30 AM
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